Tuberculosis Sucks Ass

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"Make me cry; I’ll make you rich"


Scott Pilgrim’s response was always on point

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"Believing in god is the same as believing someone loves you back"

- Me

"Fuck. I want her."

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woody allen, the irredeemable creep whose obvious misogyny was misinterpreted as creative genius by the college-boy mentality. 


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Major life goals:


Stay drunk forever.

"When I’m drunk, I dream about you.
When I wake up I can only drink and hope I pass out and dream about you again.
I dream that we’re together; and I’ll get drunk every night, for the rest of my life; as long as we’re together."

- Love, goddamnit; love.
By: Me (goddamnit)


"In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is, which makes you insane."
"I like how you can compliment and insult somebody at the same time, in equal measure."

Blue Valentine (2010) dir. Derek Cianfrance

I think this is a powerful moment in the film. Before making love, he holds the cigarette as she drags it. It’s a beautiful, but unnoticed gesture. Love is devastating, but love is there, to anyone willing to let it in. That’s why we let it in; we let take us away like drugs do, but are always addicted to love.

Major life goals:

Stay drunk forever.



Your Graduation//ModernBaseball
There I said it I guess I’ll talk to you in a few monthsSitting drunk on the sidewalkI guess I’ll get upI guess I’ll go for a walkPress my shoes against the pavementI swear this has got to be the hundredthTime I’ve thought of you tonight

He looks so happy.